Ardyss Extravaganza 2017 Kick Off Event
Los Angeles CA
March 4th & 5th, 2017
Hotel: Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles.

Ardyss Extravaganza will be an event to remember!

Join us on an energetic event where distributors and their guests will experience the vision of the Ardyss business for this 2017; all this on a high-energy atmosphere where distributors will have fun and enjoy from live music and entertainment!

The first day (March 4th) guests will be welcome to experience what Ardyss is all about! In top of that during we will enjoy different performances where fun will be our priority! The second day (the 5th) will be a Leadership meeting for all distributors only.

Some of the things that will happen on Saturday the 4th:

  • Company vision and goals.
  • Fashion show & product launch.
  • Live music & entertainment
  • Motivational speakers.
  • Team Building dynamics.
  • VIP lunch for qualifiers (click to learn how).

Bring your guest to the event!

When purchasing a ticket for Ardyss Extravaganza, Kick Off Event, you will be able to bring 1 additional guest (not distributor) to the event. This will event will serve guests to understand how they can be part of a unique opportunity like no other!

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In a high energy and fun atmosphere, we will discover together what Ardyss has prepare for you in this 2017. With team building exercises, a fashion show, live music and fun, we will create together the synergy needed to make 2017 the best year of our history.

Ardyss Extravaganza Kick Off is an event designed to inspire, connect and unite us as the great family we are, and in this way, Ardyss the World.

Do not miss the opportunity to participate in this event, which will an event to remember. See you in Los Angeles, California.

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