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See and feel how the experiences, challenges and success of people just like yourself can open brand new ways of living. Share the experience and the opportunity to explore how we can all uncover the hidden strength within.


Our Mission is to empower and inspire you through incredible stories; real life stories...

You are invited to join us in a safe and nurturing environment where everyone are able to be open, honest, real and authentic. Our guests and speakers will get connected on a deeper level and form lasting bonds.

We have an appointment this October 21st and 22nd in Miami FL, to experience beautiful shining examples of exactly how strong we can be.

Stories of courage, determination and strength to uplift your soul and stay in your heart. They say that you can never know your own strength, until being strong is the only choice you have.

To inspire you, stimulate connection, create community, and make a difference.

An extraordinary uplifting evening featuring stories, entertainment all in the perfect environment of Miami, FL.

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